We set the new standard for under-bridge access

It is one of the most challenging types of construction.
Or it used to be.

In the past, under-bridge maintenance and renovation posed a number of challenges – from initial inspection to general access to final completion. An Anderson Hydra Platform changes all of that. We manufacture a simple, yet complete solution to under-bridge access, solving some significant problems you’ve probably encountered along the way. We call it the Anderson Advantage.

Other Platforms

Without an Anderson Hydra Platform:

The Anderson Advantage

With an Anderson Hydra Platform:


Without an Anderson Hydra Platform:

Work area can often be inaccessible, especially for the first few weeks of the project.

With an Anderson Hydra Platform:

Work area is accessible before lunch on Day One.

Set Up

Without an Anderson Hydra Platform:

Preparation necessary to access the work area sometimes takes longer than the project itself.

With an Anderson Hydra Platform:

Drive onto the bridge, set up and be under the bridge in 15 minutes.


Without an Anderson Hydra Platform:

Extensive scaffolding (even for a simple inspection) is the norm.

With an Anderson Hydra Platform:

No scaffolding. It’s all integrated into the platform.


Without an Anderson Hydra Platform:

Full- or partial-closure of the bridge is commonplace.

With an Anderson Hydra Platform:

Most work can be done closing only one bridge lane, and only for the time the platform is in operation.


Without an Anderson Hydra Platform:

Construction schedules, even for general maintenance or simple repairs, are longer due to the complexity of the work environment.

With an Anderson Hydra Platform:

Work environment is simplified dramatically, with some repairs, maintenance or inspection requiring only one vehicle and two people.


Without an Anderson Hydra Platform:

Safety is an enormous concern, given that even over a short amount of time environmental conditions can compromise the integrity of scaffolding.

With an Anderson Hydra Platform:

The engineering and construction of our platforms incorporate multiple levels of safety, resulting in minimal loss-time days on the jobsite.


The Anderson Commitment

A message from our president

Dear construction professional,

Thank you for your interest in Anderson Hydra Platforms. I want to tell you a little about the company, and the passion shared by everyone in it: to deliver the safest, most reliable and cost-effective piece of equipment for under-bridge inspection, construction and repair you will find anywhere in the world.

For 10 years, I was a customer just like you. I owned a construction rental company, and my customers looked to me for reliable and cost-efficient solutions to the rising costs and compressed timetables that had become the norm.

My goal was always to deliver well-built tools customers could count on—day-after-day, month-after-month and year-after-year. I found that few projects are more complicated than under-bridge repair, upfit, restoration or maintenance. The time and money spent on traditional scaffolding alone can make or break the profitability of the project. Even the slightest miscalculation could result in an enormous loss of profit or worse, human life.

Under-bridge access became my passion. After exhaustive research, I decided the retractable platforms built by Hydra Platforms Manufacturing, Inc. were second to none. Built in America, they employed precision engineering, top-quality materials, high-performance components, and industry-leading fabricating and assembly practices.

Still, I believed there were enhancements that would make the products even better. So when I had the opportunity to purchase the company in 2014, I jumped at the chance.

Now I am certain—an Anderson Hydra Platform is the new standard for under-bridge work. It’s the best solution you’ll find anywhere in the world.

There are four things that matter to me, and I make sure they matter to everyone who builds, services, sells or rents an Anderson Hydra Platform:


Every Anderson Hydra Platform has to be well-built. Construction is a demanding industry. You work hard, and you demand a lot from the tools and equipment you purchase or rent. Our platforms are manufactured and assembled with precision quality—from the best steel and aircraft-grade aluminum, to custom-specified American-made engines and hydraulic systems, to case-hardened anodized pins, Grade A bolts and more. Our quality is unmatched.


Every Anderson Hydra Platform has to be safe. Our products are tools, but not like a hammer or a screwdriver. When a member of your team uses our product, his life depends on it. Literally. That’s front of mind at each stage of our engineering, manufacturing and testing. Every Anderson Hydra Platform has built-in safety features like stop-limit switches to prevent improper extension, dual mounted control panels on the deck and platform and platform override for all functions. Each unit goes through a 79-point final safety and performance inspection before it’s delivered – whether the unit is new or reconditioned. You want to sleep well at night knowing your crew is safe. So do we.


Every Anderson Hydra Platform has to be a good investment. When you own or rent an Anderson Hydra Platform, I want you to be confident you’ve received exceptional value. So each sale and rental includes comprehensive owner/operator training at our facility in South Carolina or at your job site—whichever makes the most sense for you. You’ll have complete documentation on both the operation and maintenance of our units, and technical support by phone 24/7/365. If by some chance you have a problem we cannot solve over the phone, we will have one of our service engineers on your jobsite the next day – wherever you are in the lower 48 states (or as soon as we can be there anywhere in the world). That’s how important you are to us.


Every Anderson Hydra Platform serves the greater good. Our objective will always be to deliver a well-built and safe product that helps you complete projects ahead of time and under budget. But we see an even bigger picture. Each Anderson Hydra Platform is contributing to the greater good of mankind. When you purchase our product, good people are employed and families are being provided for. When you use our product to repair or maintain a bridge, the men, women and children who travel over it are safer. When bridges are safer, communities thrive and the American dream expands.

We take what we do seriously—every piece of it—because we know you do, too.


Pat Dandridge
President, CEO
Anderson Hydra Platforms

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